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My album is out!!!!!

Magic is out!!!! Today we released our first of two albums dedicated to all things Olivia Newton-John, the 70s, and the 80s. As I write this, I’m just shocked that this almost two year process is finally coming to fruition. I have so many people to thank, but first and foremost, I could not have accomplished this without Dan Sia, my music arranger, orchestrator, producer, drummer, backup singer, mixing and mastering engineer, and cheerleader. If you have a moment, check out our new album at or wherever you get your music!!

Next up, I have a long list of extremely talented musicians and vocalists I want to thank for selflessly contributing their talents to both albums. I’m still pinching myself that I have these talented humans on my albums:

You’re the One That I Want

Lead Vocals: Jerome Bell-Bastien (@jeromebellbastien of @oneupduo)

Rest Your Love On Me

Lead Vocals: John Acosta (@johnbarryprince and leader of @beegeesgold)


Lead Vocals: Jeff Celentano (@jeffcelentano with @trueartist360 and @goodvibrationsbeachboys)

We Go Together

Lead Vocals: A.J. Alcantara-Stewart (@a.j._stewart of

Tenor Saxophone: Danny Dandan (


Tenor Saxophone: Danny Dandan (

Fool Country

Guitar: Kris Ruston (Audio Engineer/Producer at @deathmountainsound)

Summer Nights

Lead Vocals: A.J. Alcantara-Stewart (@a.j._stewart of

Photo: @patrick_rivera_photography

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