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Why So Many Characters???

People are always intrigued by my list of characters. You should see my closet! It looks like a Halloween Shop! My love for theatre and character study didn't end when I graduated with my Masters in Theatre. Now, I'm just lucky enough to create these characters for my line of work. My main "gig" is performing in my Olivia Newton-John Tribute Show, The Olivia Show, but I also have a secondary career that allows me to continue my quest for new character development.

I am a Las Vegas Wedding Officiant...I have the honor of performing ceremonies for hundreds of couples who visit Las Vegas for their nuptials, and along with performing these ceremonies as myself, I also offer character options. At the time of writing this post, I can marry couples as:

Star Trek Officer

Deanna Troi

Emily: The Corpse Bride

Harley Quinn

Princess Leia

80s Rocker Chick

Olivia Newton-John

Dolly Parton


Marilyn Monroe

If you are interested in booking me for your upcoming wedding, please contact me through my website, or you can find me at The Little Vegas Chapel, The Sci-fi Wedding Chapel, or The Kiss Rock n' Roll Wedding Chapel.

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