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My 2nd album is out!!!

I Can't Help It is officially out! This is our second album dedicated to all things Olivia Newton-John, the 70s, and the 80s. As I write this, I’m so proud that this almost two year process is finally coming to an end. I have so many people to thank, but first and foremost, I could not have accomplished this without Dan Sia (@dansiamusic), my music arranger, orchestrator, producer, drummer, backup singer, mixing and mastering engineer, and cheerleader. If you have a moment, check out our new album at or wherever you get your music!

Look out for The Olivia Show coming to a city near you. This album was the product of our hard work and dedication. We got the idea to create these two albums while in the middle of quarantine lockdown. When it dawned on us that we could create an album in tandem with creating The Olivia Show, we didn't look back. It took us about two years, but we did it, and we're so proud of our hard work and the selfless contributions of our talented friends.

We had the pleasure of working with even more of our friends on this album. We couldn't have done this without these wonderful humans selflessly contributing their talents to both albums. I'm so grateful and humbled to have such wonderful friends.

***I Can't Help It***

Fool Country

Guitar: Kris Ruston (Audio Engineer/Producer at @deathmountainsound)

Summer Nights

Lead Vocals: A.J. Alcantara-Stewart (@a.j._stewart of

I Can't Help It

Lead Vocals: Jeff Celentano (@jeffcelentano with @trueartist360 and @goodvibrationsbeachboys)


You’re the One That I Want

Lead Vocals: Jerome Bell-Bastien (@jeromebellbastien of @oneupduo)

Rest Your Love On Me

Lead Vocals: John Acosta (@johnbarryprince and leader of @beegeesgold)


Lead Vocals: Jeff Celentano (@jeffcelentano with @trueartist360 and @goodvibrationsbeachboys)

We Go Together

Lead Vocals: A.J. Alcantara-Stewart (@a.j._stewart of

Tenor Saxophone: Danny Dandan (


Tenor Saxophone: Danny Dandan (

Photo: @patrick_rivera_photography MUA: @makeoversbybrandy

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