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New Shows Added for The Olivia Show in 2024:  Rockbox Theater in Fredericksburg, Texas!

Yeehaw!!  Saddle up for a 90 minute show in the heart of Texas.  We are bringing The Olivia Show: A Tribute to Olivia Newton-John to the Rockbox Theater on April 13, 2024 to the folks of Fredericksburg, Texas.

I know many followers of the show don’t know this, but I was born and raised in South Louisiana and my dad was born in Texas with all of my family on his side still residing in Beaumont, Texas.  I have so many fond memories of family vacations in Texas with my fabulous Aunts and they’re fabulous accents…we would all go back home at the end of our vacations sounding like Texans, and I loved it so much!

Fast forward several years, and now I can’t wait to visit Texas again…it’s filled with fun folks who know how to have a good time and support live entertainment.  If you are in Fredericksburg or the surrounding areas, please come out and celebrate with us.  One of my favorite comments from audience members about The Olivia Show is, “I didn’t realize how many hits Olivia had!”

The Olivia Show: A Tribute to Olivia Newton-John Poster for Rockbox Theater in Fredericksburg, Texas
The Olivia Show: A Tribute to Olivia Newton-John at Rockbox Theater

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