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Sabrina Plaisance-Sia as Miss Elvis on the YouTube Channel, Ash and Summer

Not only do I love Olivia Newton-John and pay tribute to her with my show, The Olivia Show, but I'm also a huge fan of Elvis and Las Vegas weddings. Not many of you may know, but my "regular" job during the week is as a wedding officiant at The Little Vegas Chapel, Sci-fi Wedding Chapel, and Kiss Wedding Chapel. I perform ceremonies as myself but also as Miss Elvis and a huge list of other characters including Princess Leia, Barbie, Elvira, Deanna Troi, and many more.

Ash and Summer booked me as one of their five wedding officiants for their fun day of 5 Weddings in 1 Day! Check out this really cute and fun YouTube video, and if you'd like to skip to my section, I'm at around 19 minutes. Hope you enjoy!! 😊

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