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New show and new album coming soon!!!...

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

I thought today was the perfect day to finally share what has been an entire pandemic’s worth of work, sweat, joy, and tears. With a year and a half of writing/creating/working/learning, Dan Sia and I have put together a show that I am so very proud of.

Dan spent countless hours arranging and orchestrating 21 of her most loved songs to create a 90 minute tribute show celebrating the music of the brilliant Olivia Newton-John. These arrangements are not only breathtakingly beautiful, but they also allowed us to do something we’ve never done before, release an album!

I am so excited to release two albums this fall. I've performed for over 20 years, and I never considered creating an album until the world shut down and I was forced to think outside of my normal ways of doing things. I am so glad I pushed myself to do this, and I'm so thankful for my genius partner, Dan Sia Music, for producing these two albums for me.

I am releasing the first album, Magic, in early October and the second album will be released in November. Please stay tuned for more details, including the ridiculously talented, international vocalists and musicians who joined me on my new albums. My inspiration for this album was Olivia Newton-John whom I've loved ever since I can remember.

I would really love and appreciate your help and support.

IG: @theoliviashowsabrina

FB: @theoliviashowsabrinaplaisance-sia

Much love, Sabrina

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