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Time to get Physical again for Olivia Newton-John's Legacy!

Time to get Physical again!!! I'll be walking virtually to support the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness & Research Centre. If you'd like to walk, donate, or support, the information is below. Together, let's send love and support to those who truly need it!

And wow, I met my $300 goal in one day!!

Thank you so much to Daniel, my very generous donor who very graciously helped me meet my goal of $300. He has inspired me to raise the bar and up my goal to $500 now! I'm hoping to continue to inspire my generous friends out there to help continue Olivia's legacy!

Sabrina Plaisance-Sia of The Olivia Show supports Olivia Newton-John's Walk for Wellness
The Olivia Show supports Olivia's Walk for Wellness and The Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Centre


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