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The Olivia Show Family

Something you might not know about The Olivia Show is that it's all about family with our show.  What does that mean?  

When Dan and I decided that we wanted to create a concert that honors the legacy of Olivia Newton-John, we knew that no matter what, our little girl would be apart of it all.  She was there from the conception of the show.  She’s been there since we started creating; she’s learned all of the lyrics while we were practicing; she has given us advice, and she has seen us performing the show many times.  We said we would not tour unless she could travel with us.  

It’s not easy as a 7 year old living this crazy life, but she is so amazing and such a trooper with all of the flying, driving, and early wake up calls, etc.  Thank you to our little one for being so amazing!  

Not only are we lucky to have such a wonderful kid but we are so lucky to have great mothers who come along for the ride too.  We are very thankful to Lynn Plaisance and Juliana Sia for being there on the road and in the air and helping to look after our little gal before, during, and after the shows while we’re sound checking and performing at theaters.  It means so much to us.  Thank you!

And last but certainly not least, to the fabulous people we have the privilege of working with in our band, all of the singers and musicians, you are family to us.  Thank you all for being a part of our band and our family.


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