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The Olivia Show in Walhalla, SC

Walhalla, SC! Thank you for the energy! You were electrifying and we had so much fun! 🎉

Thanks to the Walhalla Performing Arts Center staff and crew who were so amazing to work with! ❤️

Thank you to our killer band: Michael Solomon 🎹, Pablo Gadda 🎸, Aaron Scheff 🎤, and Dan Sia 🥁! You might not know, but we hire local musicians for our shows, and this time we were so excited to realize that our old friend Pablo now lives in North Carolina, not too far from the gig! Thanks Pablo and thanks Michael, it was so fun making music with you guy!

And, a huge thank you to La Jolla Booking Agency and Mark Thompson for bringing us to Walhalla! 🥰

…Next stop…Woodstock, Georgia!

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